Does This Look Familiar?


Now Please Tell Me,
Does Any Of This Sound Familiar?

You have worked most, if not all of your adult life raising a family and dreaming of your retirement years. Thinking about what it would be like to have some “us” time, without the kids. Some time to buy that motorhome or use the one you have to live “most” of your time in. Some time to go fishing or camping or following craft show circuits.

Maybe your dreams don’t fit into any of those categories but I think you get my point.
But, now that you have reached your “Golden Years” there doesn’t seem to be any gold to enjoy them.
You put money in a retirement plan but when the company you worked for sold out the new owners, usually a huge conglomerate, cashed in your retirement account for themselves.

Maybe you put money back in a 401k but the market crash took most of that when you blinked your eyes. Maybe you thought Social Security would be enough but inflation jumped right in the middle of that plan.

Maybe you have looked for ways to supplement your retirement or create an income because none of this has worked. Perhaps you tried earning money on the Internet only to find out all the “easy” or “quick” ways to generate income were just ways some unscrupulous people had devised to get your money.

I can relate to this because my wife and I are baby boomers. Well, I like the term “seniors” because it makes me think of being a senior in high school or college and all the hard work is behind me. The only difference is I have a head full of knowledge, life experience and wisdom I did not have back then.

Perhaps you have reached a point where you do not see any option except to continue doing want you are doing. The definition of insanity is to keep doing what you have been doing and expecting different results. Now, I don’t think you are insane however, I do think perhaps you have no idea what else you can do.

Now, suppose someone who has walked where you are walking but found a way out offered to help you get to where he is and even further. Would you be interested?

Suppose that same person, if you would allow him to be your hero, would try his very best to teach you how to be someone else’s hero. Would you be interested? How about if part of being someone else’s hero meant being able to help them make sure they do not have to go through what you have gone through and may still be going through? Would you be interested then?

Many of you, far too many actually, have been cheated, mistreated and lied to by people selling “bright shiny objects” to help you quickly earn money on the Internet. Knowing I have experienced all of that and maybe more, I am asking you to give a few minutes of your time so I can explain why I believe I can help you but more importantly why I want to help you.

As I mentioned earlier, my wife and I are seniors and since we are seniors I believe I our story may help you because we know where most of you are.

After my wife retired and I was injured we went from a comfortable income to almost nothing overnight. We used up our savings and spent a lot of money trying to find a way to get by. None of the ways we tried worked and we were going further into debt instead of living out our dreams of retirement.

When I discovered Internet Marketing I thought we were on our way. Perhaps I will share that story with you one day but let’s just say a lot of people, who were selling bright shiny objects that did not work, talked me out of a lot more money. Now we were deeper in debt and no better off.

After a while, I found a lot of things that did not work and some things that seemed as if they would work if I could just put them all together in the right way. I finally met some people who were at least honest but they did not seem to be interested in really helping. They had products and training that worked for some people but they were not willing to help individuals.

I finally met a real person who not only had good information but truly had a desire to help people succeed. After listening to and learning from him I realized I knew one other person who felt the same way but I had never thought of him as someone who would help.

Let me stop right here and make something perfectly clear. Learning is never free. Learning will always cost you. It may be time, effort, money or perhaps all three. The point is you learn and you are changed.

I learned a lot from my experiences of buying bright shiny objects and the next latest greatest product to hit the Internet. The problem with that was it was not changing my life, at least not for the better. I paid for much of the training and information that finally helped me but it changed my life, in a good way.

I have also started, built and ran offline businesses and that took some amount of money and time investment to get them started and going. Starting an online business is no different. It takes an investment of time, effort, dedication and money. Not necessarily a lot of money but it will not be free and the 4 hour work week does not come overnight.

Now, back to what I was saying. My wife and I were living a life where there was always month left over at the end of the money, no matter how we tried. After learning from the 2 people I mentioned earlier and applying what I learned we started having a little money at the end of the month. It was never much. Not even enough for dinner and a movie but all the bills were paid and we did not have to choose between food and medication. Then came the day I finished paying all the bills for the month and noticed there was enough money to take my wife out for dinner and a movie. Let me tell you taking her out for dinner and a movie feels a lot better than not having the money to do that.

We are not rolling in the kind of money some of the Internet Gurus claim to have but we can afford to spend a week in a condo on the beach if we want to.

Here is my point of all this rambling. If you are reading this or watching a video I made from it perhaps you have faced your dragon and came out victorious but, perhaps not.

Knowing the odds are that you have not experienced your victory, I know you probably do not have a lot of money to invest in building your online business. I also know if I try to teach you everything I have learned and do it for free, many of you will never do anything with the training. As my Pastor says, “If you don’t have any skin in the game you probably won’t do anything with it”.

All I am asking is for you to give me the opportunity to help you the way I have been helped. Help you build your “retirement funds” and be someone else’s hero.

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