Entrepreneur 1

Avoid The Common Pitfalls

If you want to be successful, consider the following.


You’re Not Always Right

It becomes a point of pride, doesn’t it? Always being right. It’s something that you joke within your family, with your spouse, and possibly even those you work with. Everyone knows you for your need to always be right. Who knows what fuels your desire to be right, but there it is… festering in the background.

Yes, festering – it can be incredibly damaging. Stop looking at everything in categories of right or wrong, good or bad. Just because your experiences suggest one thing does not mean that you are right. The world doesn’t operate on your terms.

Part of success is learning to accept that others can help you get to where you want to be. In running a business you won’t just be working with other people, you will be expected to lead them. How can you lead when you’ve put your foot down insisting you’re right when it was never as simple as that?


Get Perspective

When you’ve had a disagreement with someone, you react rashly, with emotion. Think about one of these moments and how you eventually worked through it. When approached respectfully you can often come to an agreement to disagree, while making your point clear and taking time to understand the point of someone else. We’re talking business here, not politics so don’t get carried away.

This serves an important purpose – our ideas come from our perspectives and you may gain a new one by listening to what someone else has to say. Even the uninformed have a way of informing you, whether they realize it or not. You can learn from different perspectives by reading books, watching documentaries or just sitting down with other people.