Entrepreneur Introduction


We all want to achieve success – but that doesn’t mean we won’t experience a struggle as we aim to reach our goals. We often go looking in all of the wrong places for success and we seek out the wrong habits in order to get us there. One of the most common misunderstandings surrounding success is that to achieve it you must be lacking somewhere else.

Money is great, but it isn’t going to bring you success. Knowledge is wonderful, but that doesn’t guarantee your success. The right resources may give you a head start, but they don’t spell success for everyone. Yes, it’s nice to have those things, but they will not deliver you success.

Success stems from being the best you can be – and to achieve it you may need to forget what you’ve learned thus far in life. Let’s be honest – the society that we live in is not conducive to success – for the most part, it is simply designed to allow people to merely survive. For those who want to rise above the crowd and succeed… much work is required.

To put life into perspective, think of it like this – on this planet, there are somewhere in the region of seven billion people. There is one of you plus another 6.99999 billion. Each of us forms our own perspective and that perspective is generally based on our lived experiences, the knowledge that we gain, and the environment that we are surrounded by. While many of us will share commonalities and have views and values in common, no one has the same perspective.

Even two children raised in the very same home can look back on their childhood with two very different views. This shapes who you are as a person and the rest of life finishes the job, forming your view and making you who you are as an individual.