Fight Back Against Your Negative Self Beliefs

Before you can fill your head with a positive mindset, you have to root out the negativity you’re drowning in and silence it so that it can’t taint your future happiness and self-assuredness.


Take time to analyze any saboteurs within your mental outlook about your career and potential for success. Do you live in extreme thoughts, using words like always, never, can’t, and so on?


People always let you down. You’ll never succeed. You can’t do something. The list goes on. These limiting words and phrases prevent you from growing beyond the stagnant point you’re at now.


You need to stop using language that diminishes your abilities. You have to treat yourself with promise, just as you would your own child if you were motivating them with uplifting words.


Start to recognize every time you have a dreary outlook about your career or projects. Stop it in its tracks and replace it with something more reasonable and reliable. You want to take responsibility and believe that you have the power to get on the right track.


Instead of saying people always let you down, think about how you’re taking control to ensure you have the right people aligned with you. Instead of saying you’ll never succeed, focus on your upcoming projects and visualize you hitting it out of the ballpark.


Eliminate the word can’t from your vocabulary. If you choose not to do something, that’s one thing. But with the right learning material, practice and time, you can do whatever you set your mind to!


Allowing negative self-beliefs to take root and thrive in your head is like poisoning the well before you have a drink. You don’t want to set yourself up for failure before you even try – you want to have the door wide open for your success.

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